The 2017-2018 GA GOP 11th District Committee

11th District GOP Executive Committee

Chairman: Brad Carver (Fulton)

First Vice Chair: Dr. Lisa Adkins (Cobb)

Communications Vice Chair: Beth Pollard (Cobb)

Events Vice Chair: Ashford Schwall (Fulton)

Fundraising Vice Chair: Taryn Bowman (Cobb)

Corresponding Secretary: Carolyn Garcia (Cobb)

Recording Secretary: Melinda Mock (Cherokee)

Treasurer: Danny Dukes (Cherokee)

Assistant Treasurer: John Longshore (Cherokee)

Immediate Past Chairman: Scott Johnson (Cobb)

County Chairs

Louis DeBroux (Bartow County)

Trey Kelly (Fulton County)

Jason Shepherd (Cobb County)

Don Ware (Cherokee County)

District Committee Members

Richard Ballew (Cherokee County)

Charles Gregory (Cobb County)

Cheryl Harris (Bartow County)

Dr. Bill Hudson (Cobb County)

David Lee Keenum (Cherokee County)

Marvin Lefebvre (Cherokee County)

Melinda Mock (Cherokee County)

State Committee Members

Harry Abrams (Cherokee County)

Tim Adderholdt (Cherokee County)

Taryn Bowman (Cobb County)

Michael Davis (Cobb County)

Louis DeBroux (Bartow County)

John Hightower (Cobb County)

Trey Kelly (Fulton County)

Kerry Luedke (Cherokee County)

Jason Shepherd (Cobb County)

Jeff Souther (Cobb County)

Chad Teague  (Cobb County)

Don Ware (Cherokee County)

Michael Williams (Cobb County)

Melinda Mock (Cherokee)

Cary Roth (Bartow County)

Bob Shaw (Fulton County)

Jeff Souther (Cobb County)

Don Ware (Cherokee County)

Michael Williams (Cobb County)

Banks Wise (Cobb County)


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