Register for the 5th Annual 11th District GOP Marksmanship Event and BBQ Reception

Register now for this event on AUGUST 16, 2019:

The 5th Annual 11th District GOP Marksmanship Event and BBQ Reception Hosted by Adventure Outdoors

Friday, August 16, 2019 Two Events-In-One!
LOCATION: Adventure Outdoors 2500 South Cobb Drive Smyrna, Georgia 30080

Range Event (limit 80) Times 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Show your support for the 2nd Amendment and try out your marksmanship.   .

Shooters – $45 advance, $60 at door (Full package Range, BBQ and a tumbler) – 3 targets, 3 different firearms, 5 rounds each

Experts – $ 100 – (Range, BBQ, and a tumbler) Bring your own gun and ammo

BBQ only – $20 advance, $30 at door (BBQ and a tumbler)
Children under 12-years of age are hosted free at reception!

BBQ and Remington Hall Reception (limit 300) 6:00pm to 8:00pm  Share & Compare your targets and enjoy conversation with your fellow Republicans.

Special guest speaker: U.S. Representative, Barry Loudermilk. 

5th Annual 11th District Marksmanship & BBQ Reception, August 16, 2019

Register for this great event here

A link to ADVENTURE OUTDOORS’ RANGE RULES AND REGULATIONS will be posted shortly.  Remember – Safety First!

For more information Contact:
Ashford Schwall Vice Chairman 11th District Events
Taryn Bowman, Vice Chairman 11th District Fund Raising,
Lisa Adkins, 1st Vice Chairman District 11,

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